Monday, April 25, 2016

The Mangas of my childhood are ending! T_T

I have started reading mangas since grade school; after being exposed to that awesome show Ghost Fighter aka Yuyu Hakusho. I have a wide variety of manga interests and I was happy that almost all of them had a very long lifespan (ie Naruto=15 years). But I have come to realize that almost all of them are coming to an end/ has ended. I need to recount these manga so that in the future, I can reread them again.

1. Naruto
The most popular manga I have read. Like I said earlier, it spanned for 15 years. At first, I thought it was just some cliche manga where the ninja protagonist was portrayed as dumb and foolish. Yes, Naruto was portrayed as an untalented ninja who couldn't even do a simple basic technique. The author egged on that characteristic. I even thought that it was wrongfully titled since the side character, Sasuke, outshone Naruto. But I gave it a shot. And boy was I glad I did.

I was awestruck by how Naruto grew... I was more excited when Sasuke became the ultimate villain of the story. Naruto's like Hercules in a sense that he's a 'Zero to Hero' kind of character. I loved how he had managed to keep on going on even if the odds were against him. And the ending, it gave me a sense that no matter how impossible it is, as long as you don't give up, you can attain your dreams-dattebayo. Lol.

2. Full Metal Alchemist
OMG. THIS manga/anime is the epitome of epicness. It's all about two orphan brothers who had a talent for alchemy and tried to bring back their dead mother. Well, of course you can't bring back the dead with alchemy so shit happened to them. The main character/ older brother Edward lost an arm and a leg while his younger brother Al lost his whole body (his soul was then transcribe to a suit of armor). Sure they managed to create something... a goo like creature who's like crying deep inside to let it die... but that's not the point. The point of the story is that they began to find a way to bring their bodies back to normal.

Edward entered the military and was given the alias fullmetal alchemist. They were running around the country, trying to find a way to bring their bodies back. And along the way, they met and lost some interesting friends. The plot twist at the middle was the best and the final big boss battle was unexpected.

I can't explain it any further since it is EPICNESS

3. Nisekoi
I am not really invested in this manga that much. I hate it when a simple guy has a lot of girls vying for his love and this simple guy has no idea that all the girls around him loves him that way. I mean no one can be that dense... So when I reach points when the guy/Raku gets too irritating, I skip some chapters. lolololol. But in these type of manga, I can't stop cheering on a single girl... And when I say "cheering on" I hope the other girls around Raku meet a tragic death. I am a Chitoge fan! >_<

So yeah, this manga is like Love Hina... When Raku was young, he made a promise to this girl that they will get married or something (forgot) and then as a momento, Raku was left with a locket containing the girl's name and the promise girl holds the key to the locket. And like Love Hina, Raku and the promised girl forgot who each other were. Apparently, as the story progressed (and since it's a harem manga), more than 3 girls have the key and everytime one tries to open the locket, stuff happens that prevents them from doing so. Oh yea, Raku is the heir to a Yakuza gang... and the reason why it's titled Nisekoi was because he had to act as a fake boyfriend to their enemy Mafia heiress, Chitoge. To add to that odd scenario, another girl who is head over heels with Raku-- Marika, is the only daughter of the chief police superintendent. So yeah, powerful heiresses likes Raku. Meh, hating that guy again.

4. Bleach
Bleach is my opposite of Naruto. Bleach started out as an awesome manga turned into a crappy one. The plot was nice. A human Ichigo turned soul reaper after fate brought a shinigami and him together. Fight scenes were awesome. It was like Yuyu Hakusho where a series of fights happens and you get to love all the characters and their powers. But then, everything changed when Ichigo became EVERYTHING. Apparently, he's the son of a shinigami captain and a quincy.... Mixed with his powers to transform into an arrancar.... It's like they making Ichigo super cool that it begins to make him look uncool thus dragging the story. I wouldn't be surprised if he transforms into a super saiyan.

But yeah, Bleach first part is still awesome.

5. Hunter x Hunter
An innocent boy searching for his father who is a hunter. That's the summary. I loved how they portrayed Gon Freecs... A simple country boy who you shouldn't mess with. Need I say more?

6. Berserk
One of the manga I got interested in recently. Apparently, it has been being published since the 90s and it has no hints of ending it soon. Not much to say yet. But it's about a fallen knight who was given a cursed mark so demons are trying to kill him--- but he is too strong... Strong meaning that his only weapon is a broad dull heavy sword that he swings around and still manages to kill super strong demons.

That's all I could think of right now. And it's shonen manga. Lol. Ladies can like shonen mangas too ya know.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Too stressed

I just watched a Filipino movie titled "Four Sisters and a Wedding" it was supposed to be  a comedy but I cried near the end. Well there goes my unwinding time... And in my moment of weakness too...

I guess I have officially given up. It has been a long fight but I give up. I tried my best but... Maybe because I tried that I turned into the person I hate the most. I can call it wisdom but I more or less describe it as the death of my feelings. I think torpid is the best adjective to describe it... Maybe with all the unfairness that happened, I finally began to think that the crap they give me is not worth it. They have this notion that no matter what, I am happy.

They have each other. When one was feeling weak, she talks and tries to make it better... When I asked for help, I get scolded. I had to be strong... I needed to be strong... And when things do not go the right way, I get blamed.

I am just tired. I wanna let go... I really do.... I want to find happiness... But if doing so means I have to let go, then it is a different story.

Incoherent huh??? Well, just wanna let it out.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Permanence Loss

It's been 5 months since I migrated into this new country... The land of opportunities... The land of the free. So far, I have been exposed to different cultures and people who loves to talk to strangers and share their life stories. In a span of 5 months, I have learned a lot of new things and I believe that if I live in an RPG world, my wisdom level has increased vastly.

It is hard... Movies really make it look easy but it is hard as hell. There are a lot of times when I wished I can just stop and go back... But when I do, I always remember that there is nothing waiting for me back there. I tried to reach out and meet new people but what can't offer my time due to the fact that I have to study. I can't go out and have fun... I can't enjoy life since their is this gnawing feeling of the exams coming up.

People said that it is hard because it is the start... That it will be better in the future... That sentence is the only one keeping me from giving up. Everything will be better in the future.... I really hope so.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

To the Apples and Lemons of 2012

My most favorite celebration of the year is New Year and I just realized that it's only a few days away. Happy New Year!!!!

Before the year starts, I would like to reminisce about 2012...

2012 has been a big year for me... Well not that big compared to 2007 but kudos to 2012 for giving me a lot of new experiences...

Before 2012 began, I made a list or memorandum to do some things before the 2014 not so secret-ish event... I wanted to spend more time at home and try to bond with my small but loving family. I bonded with my mom by going on a European tour which ended soooo baaadddd (but at least a memorable experience). I made sure to pester my brother who's on his 4th year of med school (the dreaded clerkship). And I sort of often message my dad on imessage. Yes, for some strange reason, I did pull through on that.

I also wanted to have an unforgettable experience... The first was my night in Paris where my secret crush toured me around the city of love at night until 2 in the morning. One sided as it may be, I was still glad to have that memory in me. Kudos to secret crush for he could be a host in the future! Hehehe

I didn't think that I would have another unforgettable experience but kaboom, my med school friends gave me a wonderful birthday surprise. Being raised in an all girl's school, I still couldn't really blend well with having guys as classmates. I still feel skittish. I also don't like celebrating my birthday because memories always start haunting me on my birthday... I kept my birthday a secret and acted like it was an ordinary day, but come the next day, my friends organized some guys to give me flowers and the last guy (my secret-obvious crush) gave me a kiss on the cheek with a huge boquet. I was so speechless and touched by my friends. But I still feel shy! Hahaha That event gave me a few reasons not to hate my birthday that much...

Another memorandum was to visit the large malls in metro manila... Thanks to Nic, that was accomplished with ease. We met up in North Edsa, crossed over to Trinoma, took the MRT to EDSA Shangrila and then walked to SM MEgamall and then to Ayala. It was tiring and all we did was eat and window shopped. It was also during this expedition where we figured that there was an anime convention in SM Megamall. So, I hit two birds with one stone on that one.

To watch a concert-- one which was accomplished for 8thousand pesos. My super duper korean band idols came to the Philippines on Oct 24 at SM MOA arena. Of course, with my partner in fangirling crime, Luzia, we threaded the flood infested streets just to buy the tickets 2 months before the concert. But it was all worth it. I spent 2000 more on the concert day by buying merchandises and getting freebies. It was the most epic concert in my life. I just wished I held GD's hand or caught any stuff they threw from the stage... We were there!!!

Spend more time with my lovely high school friends.... Need I say more. I just love these girls... They made me feel like myself again... With the stress of trying to get along in Med, it was really nice to be myself for a change.

For the lemons well, there are too many to count... Mostly med related but I feel like everything would change come 2013... I really think that 2013 would be my time to finally fix myself and be my true self... Of course with the wisdom from my HS friends and my experiences on 2012, I am fully armed to face the lemons of 2013.

What's in store for 2013??? A possible trip to Korea with my forever turning point friend and hopefully a duty filled school year... Also, there's a probable trip to the province with my HS school friends...

By that time, my wallet would die. Must save more... Save save save!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

How Time Flies

Today, we had our annual barkada reunion. As usual, we held it at Robinson's Ermita. It was always my rule to forever go whenever we have reunions. It was the only group of friends where I can really get along with. We are 13 in the group all in all and I can say we really bonded... A place where I can be my real self... Where I won't hide anything. Thirteen is a big number but we all are close with each other.

When I was young, my dad told me that high school would be the best 4 years of my life. True enough, it was. This is where I met the friends that I would cherish for all my life. I didn't cry during my high school graduation... I knew that it wasn't goodbye or anything. I was really confident that we would all see each other again. True enough, every year we have time to meet. We all have time to catch up to news and events... Like we haven't parted...

I remember our very first reunion when all we talked about was how hard it was looking for a job... How some of them weren't contented with their work so they plan to retire and find another job. I wasn't left out because they kept asking me how was school and even encouraged me to continue... Whenever I was with them, I always remembered myself in highschool... Those time when I studied for the sake of understanding and not just to pass... Those times when I could ask help in some concepts where I find hard to get... I can ask anyone of them and they helped me without the need for compensation... They knew the real me... They knew I hated talking about myself. They knew how to handle me even without me telling them. They knew I was down and somehow they knew how to keep me from breaking apart.

Friends that I would treasure forever... True... I only wished back then that I could ask for their help... I wished I had reached out to them. I wouldn't have done those crazy things... I would have made the right decisions and not carry any regret right now.

Call me stuck in my high school but I just love them. They would be the people that would break my heart when I leave.

I haven't left yet but I already miss them... What more when that day arrives?

The only thing I could do from now on is to do my best in my dreams... Fulfill my dreams and be the best doctor I could become.. So that when I come back, I could treat them to something delicious and finally tell them 'it's on me'

To that person who told me to be the best for yourself--- you're very wrong... From now on, I would do my best for them...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin

Today my friend and I watched this movie at SM mall of asia. The movie was a mixture of epicness and trips down to childhood memories. Kudos to the producer and actors for not making it that exagerated.

The good things:
- Considering that this came from an anime where some actions are downright impossible, the movie stayed true to some moves (hiten mitsurugi ryu) while making it seem possible and easy to do. The jumps when kenshin attacks, the poses, the heavy sword on Sanosuke... Everything wasn't overexagerated not like some other samurai movies...

- The character introductions were quite well done... Of course they skipped a few sagas and altered a few characters, but when you see the character on screen you would have the feeling: OH MY GOD IT'S SAITO! Even if you would have no background on the anime, you would really understand why they are there and what is their role on the movie... Every actor fitted the role very well. It was the anime characters became real.

- There were some hilarious scenes that wasn't inserted thoughtlessly. Well, this movie is quite tense and deep since it involves killing and drama. The hilarious scenes gave it some sort of balance so the viewers won't get tired of the true plot...

The bad
- WHERE THE HELL IS AOISHI!??? Hanya (who looks hot when the mask was removed) was there but Aoishi wasn't... Well the ONI gang wasn't there. I was rather hoping that they include the oni gang since their fight with Kenshin and Sanosuke was rather touching and heartbreaking. I wanted to see their fight so badly... Furthermore, I wanted to see the drama when the Oni Gang gave up their life to save Aoishi... It would have been the most epic scene...

-The sudden shift in scenery at the end. Well, we all know that Kaoru would be kidnapped in order for Jina to bring 'Batousai' back... But that was before the Megumi arc... So, when Kenshin and Sanosuke already saved Megumi, I thought it was the end... But nooooo, Megumi suddenly said that Kaoru was kidnapped... The scene suddenly changed from the mansion to the forest... It made me feel like there was sudden lack of consistency... But anyway, that was forgotten when they presented an awesome fighting scene... Hehehe

So yeah... BEST MOVIE OF THE MONTH! I would surely watch the second part... I predict that it would be the Shishio arc... Gyah.... That was my most favorite arc!